24 October 2007

Cate Chant!

Being a Prada exclusive girl is a pretty big deal in anyone's book, but it seems that there's more and more of these "exclusives" every season, making it harder and harder for a girl to break through simply on the 'Prada exclusive' ticket. Nevertheless, it's a pretty fine ticket to hold and one of these ticket-holders who has caught my eye is the lovely Canadian, Cate Chant.

Cate is with New York Models and I believe is being carefully groomed for greatness. She's into equestrian and apparently has a "wicked" sense of humour. She's 5'9" with brown hair and eyes, and is sure to garner some pretty coveted editorial interest even if campaigns have to wait. Either way, if her bookers can maintain this "exclusivity" (or is it elusivity?) and keep the clients interested, they might have themselves a champion.

Tests shot by Jonathan Leder:

Cate at Prada:

(Pics courtesy of style.com)


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