21 September 2007


Women (Milano): Women Milano has SO many amazing girls. I can't believe it! This is going to be interesting!

Iselin - I heart her.
Jourdan - did exceptionally in New York and London and apparently is the new buzz girl. She's also incredibly sweet and did I mention bloody stunning?
Sophie - I love this girl Who is she? I need more information, she's fantastic!
Agnete - um, can anyone say "is killing it this season"? Pretty sure Agnete is going to be that girl who went from obscure to major in one short season. Good on her.
Andressa - have been watching Andressa grow as a model this year and it's certainly impressive. I'm looking forward to seeing her hit some important runways in Milan. She's versatile.
Christina - where do I know this girl from? She looks SO familiar ... does anyone know if she was with another agency? A name change? Hair change? It's uncanny. Anyway she's amazing, what a card, no? Do I spot some blue?
Cecilia - the original pixie-crop girl. And you know what? I think this one could spell longevity.
Hanne - one word for Hanne: STUH-RYE-KING! She walked into a casting and I was in awe. The angles. The jaw. The personal-style. Radness embodied.

Fashion: Alexandra is Australian so I have a soft-spot for her, but I seriously think she has huge potential. She's been walking for Dior for seasons now and her editorial work is coming along in strides (see her fantastic editorial in October's Dazed & Confused). I really hope Alexandra "breaks through" this season, she obviously works hard. So glad to see Elsa finally, after missing her in New York and London. This girl is definitely going to be big in Milan and Paris. Her appearances on AW07 runways for the likes of Nina Ricci, Comme Des Garcons, Junya Watanabe, Max Mara, Proenza Schouler, Wunderkind, D & G, Marc Jacobs, etc., will ensure she's highly-coveted for SS08.


Elite (Milano): Bobbi has been one of those girls who's never garnered much attention but always gets some really good gigs, namely a Chanel spot. Could this Europe season be hers? Danijela was awesome in New York and I can't wait to see her nab some blue-chips in Milan. I adore Noreen, she's got an amazing face and body and is incredibly diverse, I have a feeling she'll do brilliantly this season, especially after skipping New York and London.


(All pics courtesy of Models.com)


Anonymous Sally said...

Sophie is DYNAMITE! Hanne is also very strong. She reminds me of Heather Graham.

22 September, 2007 18:18  

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