28 August 2007

Showpackages S/S 08: Elite

Elite has a very strong group of girls this season, but these four are my picks of the Elite-crop.
Daul's uber-coolness and edgy looks are sure to ensure ever more interest in the Korean teen. Obviously Coco is a superstar so no doubt she'll do fabulously, continuing her steady climb to supermodeldom ... will there be another JPG-like moment for her? Hope so! Darla's consistent hard-work will surely see her hitting the big-time any moment now, could this be the season she nabs those blue-chips? Lastly, Kat Shandruk's elegant-but-alternative look and killer legs are likely to nab her a fair few coveted slots ...

Let's wait and see!

Daul Kim

Coco Rocha

Darla Baker

Kat Shandruk

P.S. I'm loving the literary-quotes on these cards - what a lovely idea. Though I do wonder how they chose which quote to give which girl ... interesting. Anyway, something different which is always good!

(Pictures courtesy of Models.com)


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