30 August 2007

Showpackages S/S 08: Trump

This is really Trump's season. Just look at these five girls. It's a perfectly executed quintuplet.

Firstly we have Siri, the must-book cool-girl whose recent editorials in Vogue Italia and Numero have proven her impressive editorial skills. It is only a matter of time before Siri's near-perfect runway physique and striking facial features ensure she's seen on all the right catwalks as well.

Ekat has been slowly gaining momentum since opening Louis Vuitton in S/S07. She has a versatile look and has been putting in the editorial hard-yards over the past year, proving her worth many times. She's also starring in the Kurt Geiger campaign and is definitely one to watch this season after walking for many big names in A/W07. Keep the radars piqued.

Hye has been consistant in editorials, campaigns and runways for seasons now. She really has become the leader of the Asian model pack. She looks great on the runway and it is that presence that will keep the blue-chip clients coming back for more. Could this be the season that will verify Hye's status as one of the big names in modelling?

Again, Eugenia is a model who has been plugging away quite consistently for a few seasons now. She is featured in the Moschino campaign this season and has had some great editorials as well as a fab cover of Vogue Russia. She has an amazing figure for the runway and her long legs will no doubt grace numerous catwalks for SS08 ... I'm thinking some pretty blue-chip ones, actually.

Lastly, the magnificent Lisa Cant. This girl really is Trump's star. She has a real resurgence over the past few months with a seemingly higher work-rate again with some impressive editorials in Flair and Tank (among others) and the Juicy Couture and Angelo Marani campaigns. I think Lisa will do well this season as clients try to mix up new faces with excellent experienced girls who still have that je-ne-sais-quoi but really know their craft.

Siri Ekat Hye Eugenia Lisa Cant

What do you think?

(Pics courtesy of Models.com)


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