23 August 2007

Get your socks on, kids!

Gosh, it's been too long, my friends!

Sorry for RRN's severe hiatus over the past three months, it is due to an equally severe technical problem: I do not have a computer.

Anyway, all technical problems aside, I am EXTREMELY excited that the fashion weeks are nearly upon us! Woo-hoo!!!! New York starts on September 5 and that's only 13 days away, folks! That's less than two weeks! All-right, yeah! Gosh, and I was beginning to think I was getting over fashion! Can you believe it? Here's what I say to that idea: "PFFFFFT!!!!!!"

OK. On a more serious note, life is gonna get a whole lot more hectic for everyone in the fashion world very soon and that means preparation! New York is practically here which means London is nearly upon us, which means Milan is, like, now! and Paris is just around the bend (by the way, Paris is the bee's knees and has to be last 'cause that's the rule). Anyway, fashion week this year is especially great for me as for the FIRST TIME I will be in one of those cities! Yay! Gooooo London!

I also have a strong feeling that it's gonna be a rad year for London, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one with that feeling. For one, the cool styles of Luella will be back in London after she ditched it for NYC (I probably would have done the same), but what really matters is she's back and she's fabulous! Just as great is the fact that Matthew Williamson is coming back to London for his 10-year anniversary! Let's hope he stays 'cause he adds serious cred to LFW.

PLUS (could there possibly be more good news?) adidas by Stella McCartney is showing in this city and is closing the week's festivities for us (LFW runs from Saturday September 15 to Thursday September 20) so no doubt that show will sign the week off with a bang!

Re other designers I'm excited about for London, ones to watch out for include:

Richard Nicoll (www.richardnicoll.com) - beautiful structures, great fabrics and an unmistakably classy-yet-cool vibe, Nicoll explores shape in a very individual way which is refreshing, to say the least.
Gareth Pugh (www.garethpugh.net) - gothic sci-fi indulgence galore.
Christopher Kane - what can be said? This guy is a phenomena. His designs are like nothing I've seen, like, ever.
Jonathan Saunders - I love that last season he used colour in an honest, beautiful, way. It might sound strange, but that's a hard thing to do. I think colour has been totally abused of late (read: "nu-rave") and Saunders restored some of it's respectability.
Clare Tough (www.claretough.co.uk) - the name says it all ... sort of. OK, all I know is she does amazing stuff with wool (seriously, this knit is the shit) ... and she has the best name ever.
Biba (www.bibaexperience.com) - It's Biba, it's cool 'cause it's Biba.

Of course, there are loads of other amazing designers showing at London Fashion Week and I'll be ranting off about those (and all the equally amazing designs that will, no doubt, come out of NYC, Milan and Paris) a lot over the next couple of months ... so I'm just preparing you!

Sorry to go off about London, especially when it's NYC we should be getting our socks on for. But I'm just a little London-obsessed right now. Although, that said, I'd probably give my left pinkie-toe to be in NYC ... but anyway they are both amazing cities. I really wanna live in NY one day soon, actually ...

OK, back to fashion: all the weeks are coming up which is great for all us lovers of the f-word and I'm super-amped for it ... though also a little scared as work doubles/triples - eeek! Anywho! It's rad, rad, RAD!

GO FASHION! All-right, yeah!

Pic by Eleanor


Blogger Jamie said...

London! Lucky you! So excited to see the shows...I am, as they say, on tenterhooks. Great pic by the way!

23 August, 2007 16:09  

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