3 September 2007

Showpackages S/S 08: Women

Women are a powerhouse.
They simply have a phenomenally strong board of, er, women. They really do have every level covered: There's the highly-established, experienced, exclusive girls (Isabeli, Julia Stegner, Mariacarla); the girls who are at the very top of their game and have been there for seasons (Natasha, Vlada); the cool girls who have been around only a season or two and are out to prove their worth (Bruna, Johanna, Olya, Suzanne); the fresh group of blue-chippers who were AW07 stars, nabbed great campaigns and editorials and are now on the must-have lists of many influential designers (Kasia, Laragh, Masha, Sheila); and finally, but surely most importantly, that group of utterly fresh and new girls who are poised at the start-line to explode onto all those coveted runways (Lucyna, Nasya, Toni).
Let the games begin!

Here's some of my favourites ...


(Pics courtesy of Models.com)


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