15 September 2007


OK, OK, so London Fashion Week starts, like, today. So I decided to do a bit of a round-up of all the faces I think will be worth keeping a keen-eye on this week and the weeks to follow ...

Models 1: Dasha - remember Prada SS07? Yeah? Well I'm thinking ... RESURGENCE! This girl's got presence. And such a unique walk. Rad. Eva Helene is lucky in that she can be super "pretty" but also super "edgy", she works hard and could be one to pop on some important catwalks... Oh, and Hollis is just super cah-ute! Love it! And her name. Let's see ...

Dasha Eva Helene Hollis

Select: Loving Flo. Spotted her for the first time a few months ago in GQ Style and was like, "who IS this girl! She's epitomecool!" Next thing I see she's with Supreme, and then she isrocking NYFW. Pretty sure she'll do the same in Europe. Iekeliene is so great, real style and personality and the most phenomenal face. She's a given.

Flo Iekeliene

Storm: Behati is kind of essential these days, isn't she? Um, yeah. Daiane is edgier than The Edge, 10000 cool-points per-capita, that one! Tanya is kind of a perfect model ... and she loves it, and she's sweet, and versatile and I'm glad someone like her is so successful. Carol has been one of those girls who has been seen on a few great runways for three or four seasons now, could SS08 be her season of appearing on LOTS of great runways? I say, why not? She's got the skills.

Behati Carol Tanya Daiane

FM: KINGA!!!!!! It's her season. The black hair. The face. The hard-work. This girl deserves it. Plus, she's beautiful.


Premier: We all know I've loved Carolina from the start and this girl is going from strength to strength. Her runway presence is flawless, her editorials stunning, you can tell she wants it now. Heidi Rock was a Model Of The Week on Models.com a few months ago and I have been intrigued by her since, I'm hoping to see her on some runways so I can make a final decision about her. And, what did I tell you about Marina? (See post "S/S 08 Nouvelles visages!" of Aug. 23) I wonder what's in store for her?

Carolina Marina Heidi Rock

Next London: I'm loving Adina's "comeback". Cover of Vogue Italia, Meisel editorials, Alberta Ferretti campaign, reappearing on the runways - that's what I call awesome stayability (or is it returnability?) either way Adina rocks. Catherine McNeil - I'm really hoping the hype won't have killed what could be an amazing career for this girl, she's a great model, hopefully the blue-chip runways will confirm for us she wasn't a one-season wonder. Oh, and I just love Zosia, okay? I love her name, I think she's beautiful, she models really well and she seems really nice. I hope she does well this season, it could be hers after some very nice appearances for AW07, namely Marc Jacobs.

Adina Fohlin Zosia Catherine McNeil

Union: Chanel Iman is a star, she's one of those girls that was born to be a model and I wish her all the best of luck, not that she'll need it if her New York runway-appearances are anything to go by. This girl will be huge one day, methinks. Suzanne Diaz has the face of a goddess, her bone-structure is near-perfect and her eyes are stunning - I hope this amazing intensity translates onto the runways of London, Milan, Paris.

Chanel Iman Suzanne Diaz

Independent: Magdalena is obviously on the rise in a major way and it's pracically a given she will have major runway-success this season ... did someone say perfect? Nanou has an amazing face and is quite versatile, I think she really deserves to do well in the coming weeks.

Magdalena Nanou

Viva London: These two are stunning newish girls who I think have an awesome season ahead of them but don't forget the stunning and very-necessaire Kim Noorda and, of course, supermodel Hana who are both at Viva London.

Ali Cicely

(Pics courtesy of Models.com)


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