28 September 2007

Anna Molinari S/S 08

Wow. I love this collection. My favourite in Milan. Are you starting to see where my tastes lie?

It seems, so far, that I am always impressed by Molinari's own-name collections and this season is no exception. A monochrome palette, with hints of that beautiful rich plum colour is subtle rather than dull. The use of block patterns, stripes, and even some spots (as well as hints of geometricity) provides further depth to the relatively simple shapes. The silhouette is at times very feminine and others very masculine, a contrast which creates even further interest (for me, at least)!

Thus, at first glance a seemingly plain collection. However, this is anything but. It is very clever, oh-so wearable, and bloody cool! I'm a fan! Plus the shoes are great.

Siri - I love the effect of the sheer black and white on the skin and black swim-suit, respectively. Very clever.
Margaryta - the hint of white petticoat makes it more than an LBD.
Kim - this coat makes me think luxe vs. cool - and cool wins - woot!
Masha - the shapes and lines created here are fantastic. I love the masculinity of the jacket and shorts matched against the softness of the shirt. P.S. I want that jacket.
Nasya - 90's tight mini-dress meets noughties sleeve-length and neck line. Hawt.

(Pics courtesy of Style.com)


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