28 September 2007

Calvin Klein S/S 08

The word svelte comes to mind when I think of Francisco Costa's work for Calvin Klein. It is oh-so sleek, oh-so sophistiquee, and oh-so Calvin. I love the fabrics used here; they are soft yet rigid, shiny yet matte and dull yet bright. It is these contrasts which prevent Costa's recent work for Klein from becoming monotonous.

I love the emphasis he has put on on cut and fit, and the interesting shapes he has conjured out of seemingly simple garments. This is a very intellectual collection and the accessories (or lack thereof) and natural hair and make-up give the whole collection a very organic feel, especially as the only colours used are various shades of green and blue.


Magdalena - for some reason this reminds me of an extremely sophisticated, rich woman from the 80's. Powerful but still a bit soft.
Sasha - these sleeves are genius!
Karlie - the fall of this gown is sublime, though I daresay you have to be 6'0" to pull it off.
Lily - skirt or dress? Either way, it's class. (Perfect on Lily's amazing shoulders).
Karlie - the sleekness of this top, it's sleeves and neck-line, make for such a fresh, clean feel. I'm also loving the line and length of this skirt and the subtle texture differences in this ensemble.
Alana - this is a great jacket/shirt. Sits wonderfully and is so practical! Love the pockets, too.
Taryn - had to post this jacket! The lapels are so wide apart and the one button function really nips in the waist: this allows for a typical mens' jacket to be transformed into an uber-chic and feminine one.
Lily - 40's reminiscent methinks. Rich.
Karlie - THIS COLOUR IS HAPPY!!!! So great. This garment needs nothing but that colour!

(Pics courtesy of Style.com)


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