13 October 2007

D & G S/S 08

Official RRN Prize for Most Wearable Collection of the S/S 08 Season? ... DRUMROLL! ... D & G!
This is such a nice collection from D & G, which is surprising, and pleasing. I am even getting old Pheobe Philo-at-Chloe-vibes from this which is SUPER weird considering this is D & G for crying out loud!

Wow. This collection really is ace. It's just undeniably cool, don't you think? I love that there's so much denim; that the pants are flared; that everything looks super comfy; that the hats are functioning hats (God-forbid!); that the shoes are flat (so what if Jesus-sandals have been done x 1000?); that there's stacks of brown leather - everywhere!; that the dresses are so utterly wearable and reminiscent of a beachy holiday somewhere in Northern NSW; that there are simple cotton singlets in a high-end fashion collection; that there are high-waists and low-hipsters; that there's over-sized jumpers; that there is DENIM SHIRTS!; that there is a massive 60's/70's ref; and, finally, that the accessories are TO DIE FOR.

Gosh this is going to sell phenomenally well, I bet you. I mean, darn, I might even buy something. And that's saying something, I don't usually do fashion.

(Pics courtesy of Style.com)


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