13 October 2007

Balenciaga S/S 08

Aaah, my one true love - Balenciaga!
Yeah, I know what I said about McQueen "saving the season" but that doesn't mean there weren't other collections that really impressed me. Though, granted, Balenciaga always impresses me.

The cut and structure to these graments is OFF THE SCALE, God dammit!!! I just can't believe how beautiful these dresses, jackets, tops and skirts are. They are each a sculpture in their own right. Simply stunning. I think they'd be lovely works of art to have in one's home simply to look at. Though, admittedly, I'd probably get too tempted and have to wear the thing!

The various sleeves are divine, and I love the whay Ghesquiere has kept a very core aesthetic but ensured it isn't monotonous by making lots of subtle adjustments and differences to each piece. The colours are simply fabulous and the various prints and patterns seem to leave no leaf untouched when it comes to influences. Pardon the pun.

The gladiator-like sandal-boots are fab and I love the links he's made between these and some of the dresses by encorporating lace-up fastenings into the seams of some pieces.

So beautiful, clever and fun. Of course, I love it.

(Pics courtesy of Style.com)


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