23 January 2009


Almost exactly two years ago, I posted this:


In hindsight, my thoughts on double covers were maybe a bit naive - wasn't everyone doing double covers back in early '07? I can't remember, but they certainly are now - and I've largely moved on from my obsession with models so a mag which "focuses on models" isn't quite so appealing.

Yet my interest in photography, art, fashion, writing, ideas, society and, indeed, publishing is just as strong (if not stronger) as it was back then and the idea of eventually doing a magazine-type thing has always been floating around somewhere in my mind.

For some reason this idea came to the fore of said mind in October last year. I had the idea of creating a "pamphlet/booklet/'zine/flyer" of my amazing friends' work - words, photographs, documents, whatever they liked - all to be photocopied and collated into one work, which has become RIGHT NOW.

After mulling ideas over with friends, discussing with art director/graphic designer Lucas Liccini, and emailing the group of people I wanted involved, I was still quite concerned this would be one of those things which was talked about but never materialised. Hence, I was pleasantly surprised when I managed to pull it off before Christmas, though due to the time of year some only received their copies this week.

I received contributions from eleven friends, all of which are beautiful, considered and representative of the person themselves. And all of which are different in content and style. I have imposed the same constraint on all, however: Whatever the contribution, it was photocopied and published solely in photocopied format. The quite disparate works were thus aggregated. They combine to something quite personal but also (I feel and hope) something which would be interesting to those not directly involved.

So, I would like to present to Raddest Right Now readers the first issue (a prototype, let's say) of RIGHT NOW. Please stay tuned for installments of RIGHT NOW contributors' work.

Here are the two covers of RIGHT NOW. Only today, when I reconsulted the January 2007 post, did I realise the significance of having two covers. Entirely subconsciously, I have maintained (at least in some part) the original direction of RADDEST magazine.

EDIT: see the following links for RIGHT NOW contributors' pages.

RIGHT NOW one (Owen Parry)
RIGHT NOW two (Markn Ogue)
RIGHT NOW three (Eleanor Weber)
RIGHT NOW four (Johanna Linsley)
RIGHT NOW five (Maria Agiomyrgiannaki)
RIGHT NOW six (Anastasia Freygang)
RIGHT NOW seven (David Curtis-Ring)
RIGHT NOW eight (Brian Lobel)
RIGHT NOW nine (Brian Fuata)
RIGHT NOW ten (Lucas Liccini)
RIGHT NOW eleven (Eleanor Weber)
RIGHT NOW twelve (Owen Parry)
RIGHT NOW thirteen (Jonathan Hallam)
RIGHT NOW fourteen (Alun Davies)


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