4 June 2009


David Curtis-Ring
works mainly with props, costumes and sets. He uses seemingly banal materials to create beautiful objects for performance and photography. He works with other artists collaboratively to enhance the aesthetic for all involved.

Whether it is a lion's head, a chimney sweep broom, psychedelic headphones or an oversized phallus, David has a knack for giving his creations just the right dose of humour, while still clearly representing the object at hand. His choice of material is often unconventional and the way he creates something out of (what seems to be) nothing is truly remarkable.

For RIGHT NOW David donated a page from his journal: the drawing at first resembles a large rectangular scribble, which almost looks scratched onto the page in a careless rage. However, on further examination, a beautiful, subtle landscape is revealed, and we realise the delicacy and care with which such an image has been created.

This subtle altering of perception - simultaneously harsh and soft, erratic and thoughtful - is emblematic of David's work and certainly this contribution to RIGHT NOW is all the more precious for it.


Blogger cerre said...

what a special sketch.
thank you for sharing.


13 June, 2009 00:28  

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