18 May 2009


London-based photographer Giles Price's new website is up and running and looking fab.

Giles is predominantly a portrait photographer, he works within various fields, including fashion, music, politics and the military. He often employs plain or nondescript backgrounds to highlight distinct characteristics of the sitter's face and imply the personality behind the surface of the image (without dictating what that personality could be).

Giles' unconventional eye for the moments in-between, and his careful image selection is utterly refreshing and reflects his individual view of the world. His striking style and sharp use of colour and light renders his images with a depth which can be lost in much of the (perhaps tokenistic, gimmicky) portraiture produced today. It feels like Mr. Price really wants to learn about the character he is shooting, and really wants to show us what he has learned.

The diversity of subjects - from the Arch Bishop of Canterbury to Richard Dawkins, from East London 'youfs' to Gary Oldman - makes Giles' work truly amazing. No matter who he photographs, Giles manages to retrieve this very tangible, beautiful, thread of humanity. A thread which links his works and explains why his photographs are equally comfortable in the pages of the Telegraph, the Guardian, i-D, and Big, on the walls of London's National Portrait Gallery and on the screens of SHOWstudio and your laptop ... for proof, visit: GilesPrice.com

Below is Richard Nicoll by Giles Price for SHOWstudio's Fifteen Minutes of Fashion, curated by Magda Keaney. We see Nicoll just before and just after his SS09 show at Bluebird in Chelsea.

Pics courtesy of showstudio.com


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