7 May 2009

Photo of the week, so to speak!

I've been thinking of doing this for a while and today seemed like as good a day as any to launch a new idea so - voila! - Photo of the week, so to speak!

Because, as you may have noticed, I love indulging in copious Quote of the day, yay!'s (apologies for this, I just never seem to tire of their non-daily, quote-like yayness), I thought why not start something similar using photos instead of quotes?

I like a good photograph just as much as the next (wo)man, so I thought perhaps it's time to play around with the word/image balance around here. Thus, while Qotd, y! has secondary pictures, Potw, sts! will have secondary words. Golly, I love that dichotomy! [Disclaimer: under no circumstances will Potw, sts! appear on a regular weekly basis.]

So, without further adieu, I present one of Lucas Liccini's Beijing is in China: First impressions series as the very first Photo of the week, so to speak! Thank you, Lucas.

Please click to enlarge.


Blogger doctork said...


08 May, 2009 06:37  
Anonymous Manon said...

underwater city much?

13 May, 2009 07:13  

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