13 April 2009

SPILL Mitch & Parry

SPILL Festival of Performance is well under way in London, get on it. It runs until 26 April, so you've got this week and next to check out some of the best performance art in the world - and it's happening right now! SPILL is spilling out all over London at venues including Soho Theatre, Shunt, Southbank Centre, Barbican, Laban Theatre, Greenwich Dance Agency, Shoreditch Town Hall, Toynbee Studios and National Theatre Studio so there's no excuse not to attend.

There are hundreds of amazing events, talks and performances with artists ranging from the established; such as Romeo Castellucci, Gob Squad, Mem Morrison, Julia Bardsley, Forced Entertainment and the Pacitti Company themselves (whose director Robert Pacitti is artistic director of SPILL); to some of the most exciting emerging artists around, including Amanda Couch, Natasha Davis and Mitch & Parry.

Mitch & Parry's work, I Host You, Now Tonight, Let Me Show You How, is a writhing, squirming, loving, sucking, hating, caring affair. It is in three sections, two performance and one film. Each shows a different aspect to Andrew Mitchelson and Owen Parry's exploration of bodies and bodily fluids.

According to SPILL's website, Mitch & Parry use 'the stuff inside their bodies' to 'create random choreographies and banal rituals'. The ritualistic nature of the work is unmistakable, but there is also a very primal sense of randomness to it. It feels like Mitchelson and Parry are exploring themselves and each other on instinct, by urge, and with a certain urgency - this is the right time.

The sense of ritual combined with instinct makes for a mesmerising performance where reality and surreality are blurred. The longer we look the more we wonder what we are looking at. In the film the sense of surreality is perhaps most present. One asks: is that the mouths of two men kissing or two faces fighting, detesting? Are they in love or in disgust? It is these dualities which make I Host You, Now Tonight, Let Me Show You How worth seeing, and Mitch & Parry artists worth keeping an eye on.

For more information on SPILL, visit spillfestival.com. Mitch & Parry perform on Saturday 18 April at 19:15 at the National Theatre Studio, SE1. Tickets are free.


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Thank You my darling...i spit on you too

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