11 March 2009

Nomenus Quarterly

Erik Madigan Heck's Nomenus Quarterly is one of the best online magazines I've seen. Though, crucially, it's not just an online magazine; there is also a hard copy produced, yet few have seen it, let alone own it.

This is the beauty of Nomenus Quarterly. In its physical manifestation it is an art-object, a collector's item, expensive, and limited edition, whilst simultaneously remaining accessible to all (for free, at the click of a button) via the world wide web.

Nomenus Quarterly combines a killer line-up of creative contributors, beautiful art direction, innovative fashion photography (much of which is done by Heck himself), and unconventionally-curated fine art (the likes of Elizabeth Peyton, Alec Soth and Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin appear in the same issue) with a mind for showing us just what we need to see before we know we need to see it.

Elizabeth Peyton's Keith (Gimme Shelter)

The current issue (issue 6) contains the aforementioned artists as well as features on the Metropolitan Opera, an interview with Sally Singer, fashion editorials featuring the clothes of Jean Paul Gaultier, The Row and Costello Tagliapietra, and poetry by Arnold Klein: Heck certainly has a knack for pulling together an eclectic mix of amazing people.

And if hints are anything to go by, issue 7 is going to be filled even further to the brim with some of fashion, music and art's most important figures, which we can all look forward to seeing online around May. Plus, just to ensure Nomenus Quarterly is ever-more exclusive, the physical version of issue 7 will be bigger and more ornate than ever before and thus limited to an edition of ten with the price being upped significantly. Only the most devoted collectors of fine-art-publications can get their hands on this one.

Alec Soth's Salt Lake, Utah from The Last Days of W series

It is this wonderful balance of exclusivity and accessibility which makes Nomenus Quarterly so unique, so clever and, indeed, so desirable. Heck has somehow combined all these elements, all these seemingly disparate artists, and still managed to create something concise.

It gives us a distinct impression that it is Heck's ability to bring other amazing people's work together with his own work - subsequently creating a platform which is new, exciting, diverse, unexpected, and accessible to all - that makes this magazine so brilliant. This is well and truly Heck's publication, Heck's art, Heck's vision. And we're all very welcome to see it, maybe some slightly more than others, but that's okay because in the end we all get Nomenus Quarterly.

From Erik Madigan Heck's The Row series

See Nomenus Quarterly at nomenusquarterly.com


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