6 April 2009

Inter-Social-Networking-Site-Cyber-Incest-Syndrome (ISNSCIS)

Alert! Alert! ISNSCIS is spreading through the World Wide Web (WWW)! It's an epidemic!

I know I'm feeling slightly giddy, apparently that's an early symptom of the syndrome ... How are you?

Of course there is an element of self-infliction (or self-medication?) here, but when the cyber-staples (i.e. MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and the like) are all involved in strange incestuous role-play games - trying to be themselves while simultaneously trying to be their younger and more popular sibling - loitering in the WWW is not a very healthy pastime.

It seems this epidemic will see no end, with no SNS or SNS-user registering immunity. I wait with baited breath for the next, newer, better looking, more efficient, more techy, faster-updating programme to present a momentary cure and spark an array of copies before it is superseded by a yet better communication-stupefying device.

In light of this, here is an excerpt from a recent Facebook status conversation (I am a little concerned for this patient, her chances are slim):


lol advertising twitter on facebook : 'D

twitter defecates on facebook.

O____o never used it...


funny you should 'O_o' at me, it's Twitter's default profile pic ... seems like you two were made for each other. Didn't you wonder why Facebook completely changed it's interface a few weeks back? It's so it looks/functions like Twitter. Kind of ironic given how hard MySpace is trying to be like Facebook. I guess that's just incestuous cyber-social-networking for you ... next thing you know we'll all be Booked into Spaces for Twits ... and you know what that is in plain English ....

If symptoms persist see your doctor?


Anonymous alice said...

hah! i really enjoyed this post (and the photo - awesome). The best part of all, my first thought after reading it was 'maybe i should click the like button on this one'.. argh! facebook/myspace/twitter will ruin us all..

06 April, 2009 23:47  

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