12 March 2009


Artist and academic Johanna Linsley's contribution to RIGHT NOW is a perfect example of the breadth of this project. I really wanted people to feel they could present me with whatever they liked and Johanna's gift of what I like to call Moving. Wanting. Watching. depicts wonderfully the diversity of work I received.

What I love most about this contribution is its complexity. Frankly, it is hard work. We can't glance at it and immediately assign it a thought-process-category - "poem", "photograph", "document", - rather we must (if we want to commence comprehension) take some time to read and look. Once we do this, it is possible to see Moving. Wanting. Watching. as a wonderful play between serious mathematical logic (I think this is what makes it hard work!) and neo-dadaist absurdism (please excuse the tacky -isms, I am but a mere writer).

The crux of it is in the realisation that these two players (logic and absurdism) are by no means mutually exclusive. In fact, Johanna shows us, it makes perfect sense (!) they be coupled.

And for those who decide logic (or absurdism, for that matter) is too much work for them, Johanna ensures you will be visually content: her composition of an A4 Helvetica-covered page is second-to-none.


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