1 December 2008


Because it seems there are more blogs than people, it takes a lot to impress me. Because people seem more than blogs, there are a lot to impress - it takes me.


This is one of the best writing-based blogs I've seen.

Written in a simultaneously pragmatic and poetic style, What I See Really Happening posseses a refined poignancy that discreetly pumps blood into (and thus, somehow, almost violently enlivens) day-to-day reflections (self-reflections).

Do check out, do.


Blogger JhL said...

hey thanks so much for this! be great to see you sat.

03 December, 2008 21:44  
Blogger Just me said...


10 December, 2008 18:01  
Blogger CULTURE CREATORS said...

Hmmm i must check this out...


10 December, 2008 18:30  

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