27 November 2008

Smoking Just For Pleasure / Writing Unauthorized Poems

"Plans so radical they also include the deployment of women in the field."

My friend Claudio Cassano sent me this fabulous YouTube link via the newly acquired Raddest Right Now MySpace page. Claudio is an Italian artist whose remarkable portrait and illustration work appears in galleries and magazines alike. His works have an uncanny sense of familiarity whilst maintaining a startling intimacy that provides small windows into Cassano's personal world.

The clip below is an example of what tickles Claudio's surprising sense of humour and the sort of thing which perhaps inspires him. Apparently this is a legitimate 1950s educational short. What a brilliant example of how propaganda, education and language have mutated and evolved in the last fifty years, but also how much they have stayed the same.

For all the hipsters out there, all those crazy people who smoke for pleasure, dance in couples, write poems, or engage in homosexual experiences, this is for you!

"Just as we crushed the Nazis in WW2, we shall so crush the hipsters with the fist of our freedom."

With thanks to ClaudioCassano.net


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