23 October 2009

RIGHT NOW thirteen

Photographer Jonathan Hallam contributed four pages of beautiful black & white photographs to RIGHT NOW. They were printed out from his computer on white A4 paper and then photocopied.

Jonathan shoots beautiful editorials for the likes of Purple, Self Service, Sang Bleu, Plastique, Encens, French, i-D, Hobo, Dazed & Confused, SHOWstudio and 10. He uses both colour and black & white film to create parallel worlds to our own, where things and people are funny, where the world's a little askew, and where imagination reigns supreme.

The resulting droll sensuality of Jonathan's fashion work translates into intimate fragments of shared experience and mutual observation in his personal work (such as these for RIGHT NOW). Whether a shot of friends at a party, or of his son running through the streets of Paris, Mr. Hallam always finds (and reveals) the magic.


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