19 October 2009


dis-locate seems incredibly apt right now.

dis-locate city
dis-locate soul
dis-locate self
remain whole

dis-locate is the new work by London-based artist, Helena Hunter.

It will be part of Chelsea Theatre's Sacred season for 2009, which starts on Wednesday 21 October and runs through 22 November. Sacred includes contemporary performances, conferences and workshops from artists, theorists and producers from across the UK and Europe, including Gob Squad, Stacy Makishi, Julia Bardsley, Richard DeDomenici, Franko B, Lois Keidan and more. See the website for full programme details.

dis-locate 'explores the idea of dis-location as an empowered and disruptive state ... a process of disintegration' and will be on at 20:00 on Tuesday 27 October at Chelsea Theatre on the Kings Road. I highly recommend seeing it if you are in London.

(dis-locating soon.)


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