4 October 2009

Richard Nicoll SS10


Richard Nicoll, God-knows-not-how, is able to combine kitsch tropically-motifed fabrics, emblematically militaristic/monarchistic jewellery and what can only be described as epic tassel-action, and still look fabulous. How is this possible?

It is possible because Mr. Nicoll really know how to cut, Mr. Nicoll really knows how to mix unexpected textures, themes and fabrics [yespleaseputcanvaswithlamé], and - foremost - Mr. Nicoll really knows how not to take himself too seriously.

The result is a fantastic collection that combines coolly individual, yet multi-purpose pieces with irreverent statements of frivolity and fun. Anyone who can create something that is simultaneously classic and kitsch has got a good thing going on, and Nicoll has done just that. Resulting in a Spring collection that progresses beautifully and just begs to be worn (yes, someone get me some of Ranya's trousers, pretty please!).

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