20 September 2008

Richard Nicoll SS09

Richard Nicoll has entered a new league. As Sarah Mower said on Style.com, he has grown into himself and acquired a new confidence. Here at RRN we totally agree.

Nicoll's SS09 offering is fresh, clean, fun and concise. He has made garish colours look sophisticated in a way only he knows how. He has given chicness and wearability to a fabric many would deem unwearable, even frumpy. He has utilised classic lines and traditional shapes in a modern way, creating something comfortable, yet super-sleek.

And here lies Nicoll's talent - his ability to see beyond the surface of a fabric, a colour, a cut, to give it depth and newness. Plus, he does all this without losing his sense of humour. Every garment has a healthy dose of fun and a great sense of sportiness. It's a killer combination, no?

One can't help but notice the Klein- or Lang-like lines to his trouser and shirt combinations. But whilst the aforementioned were all about pragmatism and a certain sensibility, Nicoll's similarly clean lines offer a refreshing fluidity and gentleness. His tailoring is sharp, bringing some rigidity to the collection without losing any of the ease. For SS09, pearl necklaces, bracelets and embellishment have been used in a new context, surprisingly adding to the sporty feel of the collection. Unusual for pearls, which often bring a primness to even the most unstructured of collections.

Lastly, the subtle draping and layering gives a sense of movement to the garments and contrasts to the construction of the peplum skirts and bustier tops. I always speak of contrast in the collections I like, I think it becomes obvious very quickly how necessary this is to a successful and relevant collection.

Richard Nicoll's is all this and more. Summer never looked so confident.

Giedre Ksenia Vika Ania Kinee Alyona Egle Ksenia Tara Laura Hanne Bruna Vlada
(Pics: Style.com)


Blogger Valentine said...

Oddly enough.. I didnt see his collection (lol) But I did manage to catch it this morning on FTV (yes, addicted.) It was super-- for lack of better descriptive words. :-)

11 October, 2008 16:32  

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