17 September 2008

Louise Goldin SS09

Louise Goldin has given us robo-chic and I applaud her. It is well time for a bit of cyber-referenced wool.

I love these geometric, gravity-challenging structures she has created with clever panelling and, evidently, a keen eye for graphic design. They seem avant-garde and spacey yet the soft pastel tones bring them back down to Earth and, one imagines, on to the shoulders of the world's fashionistas.

I love this soft, sheer fabric Goldin has used. Apparently it is one of the lightest out there, with 100m weighing less than an egg, or something along those lines. Whatever it weighs, it's light and it's divine. One can imagine the sensation of such a fine textile on the skin - sublime for summer. The shift dresses, made in this material or overlayed with it, will be a hot-ticket in a season where sartorial indulgence must needs be at a subtle and pragmatic level. These days, a piece must provide longevity far beyond Summer 2009.

Goldin's cobination of powerful structure and dreamy softness is a juxtaposition made in heaven. Or, as it were, in space. (Or in her studio ... whatever.)

Taryn Myf Ali Anna Zuzana Angelika
(Pics: style.com)


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