3 September 2008

Supreme SS09

Don't you hate it when you write a magnificent post eschewing the virtues of an amazing modeling agency and their fabulous show package, only to have your internet die and lose it all? Me too.

As a result, this post is going to be far inferior to what it was originally. Take my word for it.

Basically, what I wanted to say was that this show package produces a feeling that Supreme is an agency of Spring Nymphs - my phrase - who are frolicking blissful and serene through a world of natural beauty and light. It follows that you must book said nymphs if you want any hope of selling your Spring collection to a market increasingly eager for a bit of serenity. This is the message the Supreme SS09 package sends to Fashion. And no doubt Fashion will sit up and listen, as it tends to do when it comes to the always-unique Supreme.

Supreme is one of modeling's prime shops for new and unusual beauties of stellar versatility. This is exhibited exquisitely by photographers Chadwick Tyler and Hugh Lippe's magical images, and don't even get me started on Nicholas Grasa's superb styling - that man alone has restored my faith in the art of styling. This is beyond direction.

All in all, Mr. Rowland has yet again directed the package of the season and proved to us that Supreme really is in a league of its own.

My favourite five nymphs for spring fashion weeks!:

Amanda Daiane Ida Iris Suvi
(Pics: SupremeManagement.com/Being)


Blogger ryder said...

Nymphs for sure. i dint see this photos, love it! thank you for posting it. i dont usaly say this but they are cool.
anyway, supreme is my favourite agency, rowland has changed the meaning of the word beautiful. grasa is someone who im going to google for sure, im so surprised and mazed with simplecity of this styling. it is flawless!
amanda laine my personal : well one of my favourites. ida: great newcommer i believe. and miss conterato: i love her! ever sence she appeared in supreme she has my vote to be in the top 50!
iris is just a gorgeus and simple women.

08 September, 2008 23:54  

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