11 August 2008

Uchiha Kioko

Alter-egos seem to be popping up a lot lately. Uchiha Kioko is the pseudonym of Australian artist Miss Marguerite (which is also a pseudonym).

With a penchant for Japanese manga, the drawings are cute and playful but contain a subversive element. The themes are darkly romantic, the characters deceptively androgynous and the style subtly sexual. Uchiha Kioko has a story in her mind, and characters who reappear, there are signature elements (hair is very important) and strong reference points (Naruto, for example). Yet Uchiha Kioko is starting to carve something out for herself, which is very much her own.

Just back from a stint in Tokyo newly inspired, about to commence a Fine Art degree and with idols such as Masashi Kishimoto and Hayao Miyazaki, I can see this young hip-hop fan going very far if she puts her mind to it. Definitely one to watch.

Her site is uchiha-kioko.deviantart.com (Uchiha Kioko).


Blogger Kimberley said...

I love that you promoted this rising young talent. Her work is so cool. Thanks for sharing her with the world.

05 September, 2008 01:40  

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