1 July 2008


Excerpts from Robin Givhan's Washington Post article on Anna Wintour's 20-year reign at Vogue; The Editor Who Keeps Vogue In Fashion, 29 June 2008.

"She came to represent a new archetype for a fashion editor: a master of the universe who wears her power as comfortably and impeccably as Chanel couture. It's an intimidating combination because it implies that she is a woman who is accomplished in the so-called masculine art of war and still knows how to use all the stereotypically feminine wiles." So-called, indeed.

Vogue champions an "unapologetic, cool-girl, gloriously elitist attitude". I love this idea, to me there is such a lack of unapolagetic and glorious elitism from the deservedly elite. Plain old elitism is so old hat.

"Vogue treats fashion ... as something glamorous and in need of neither explanation nor validation." This is a great affirmation for anyone who has ever briefly considered themselves shallow, superficial and selfish because of their inexplicable adoration for all things mode.

"The magazine represents a combination of things that many women secretly want but are unwilling to admit to because they think they would be criticized as politically incorrect, shallow or frivolous." Embrace your frivolity, I say! After all, the world is ending, fur won't be around for much longer.

"Vogue will never endorse fat; it won't even pretend to."

And why should it?

Bravo, Ms. Givhan.


Anonymous DUDBLANKPATHETIC said...

thanks for the hint, just have read the whole article. and there's something strange about it. i mean, Vogue US is provocative? since when? i understand it's Washington Post, not Dansk or V Magazine, but let's be honest. American Vogue is one of the most snobbish and politic CORRECT publications out there (not to say boring as well). so they use fur? what a provocative thing for a fashion magazine, isn't it?
it's not that i want to be mean, but sometimes it's just plain boring to read something like this. making too much noise in the place where there's deadly silent. who needs that?
noone doubts US Vogue is influential and all this celebrity thing is awesome for their profits and sales, but... is it really a big deal? does it really push the boundaries? does it reinvent anything? does it make a world a better place after all?

02 July, 2008 12:14  

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