28 May 2008


I love dictionaries. They are endlessly informative. I believe we should endeavor to learn more about the meanings of the words we use, so here's something to start us all off.



1. (esp. of change or action) relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough

- forming an inherent or fundamental part of the nature of someone or something

- (of surgery or medical treatment) thorough and intended to be completely curative

- characterised by departure from tradition; innovative or progressive

2. advocating thorough or complete political or social reform; representing or supporting an extreme section of a political party

- (of a measure or policy) following or based on such principles

3. of or relating to the root of something, in particular

- Mathematics of the root of a number or quantity

- denoting or relating to the roots of a word

- denoting the semantic or functional class of a Chinese character

- Music belonging to the root of a chord

- Botany of, or springing direct from, the root or stem base of a plant

4. [usu. as exclam.] informal very good; excellent

I typed in 'rad' and it says "a political radical" and "excellent; impressive", as well as some meanings relating to physics and geometry.

I typed in 'raddest' but it doesn't exist.

How radical!

These are some of the images which came up on the first page of a Google Image search of 'radical'.


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