22 March 2008

Givenchy A/H 2008

Oh my lordy! This collection could almost convert me to religion! I just can't get over the shapes Riccardo Tisci has given us. Those skinny, skinny trousers, high-necked shirts and intricate pleats have got me all in a flutter.

This collection takes some of the structure-ideas initiated in PE08 one step further, by importing some Latin, quasi-religious and gothic influences to create something nothing short of inspirational. Perhaps Tisci's face will become an Icon, bore by his devoted followers? Certainly, the gold jewellery and shoes as well as the high-necked ruffle shirts and sheer lace-like fabrics suggest a sort of Holy Communion of fashion. And why not? We all need faith.

In addition to these perhaps more austere references, there is a very goth-punk feel this season, for example the leather pants, tough jackets and shoes. However, the beige-coloured items add a sense of calm to quite an ass-kicking collection; with matching pants, blouses and jackets maintaining that strict structure but taking on a softer air to produce quite an angelic result.

In all, I think Tisci has presented one of the most wearable collections of the season, with lots of strong pieces and a very strong message: the Tisci-aesthetic has well and truly arrived - "all praise the ... Givenchy!"

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Blogger discothequechic said...

oh how this collection makes my heart beat

more than normal, that is, it beats just fine thank you..

but ohh, the ruffles, the frills, the foil, the volume, the gold, the collars.

phew, one of the best collections easily

23 March, 2008 00:54  
Blogger miss_vogue said...

i totally agree.
tisci's clothes are like moving pieces of art <3

24 March, 2008 08:39  
Blogger Kate said...

All of the detail on these are beautiful...I just want to sit and draw them all (I'm a sucker for intricate details to doodle!)

24 April, 2008 09:45  

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