22 February 2008

Jil Sander A/I 2008

It seems Raf Simons for Jil Sander can do no wrong. Perhaps it's their likeness when it comes to syllables? Or maybe not. Anyway, I always find Simons' collections for Jil Sander impossibly stylish and strong. His cut and line seems almost second-to-none and I love that there is this constant respectability-without-prudishness feel to the clothes.

This collection, in particular, has a slightly dark feel to it with the monochrome colours, gashing collars, excess fabric, engraved geometrics and very structured (almost restrictive-looking) dresses. It is practical but not pragmatic. It's certainly for 2008 but it also reminds me of a certain 1940's sensibility, a reserved and uncertain time. Either way, the style comes through like a beacon of light: strong, wise, determined and, above all, intelligent. Just like Mr. Simons, I suspect.

Pics: Style.com


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