8 February 2008

Calvin Klein F/W 2008

Ah, the sweet smell of minimalism! Is Francisco Costa the new Jil Sander? His futuristic yet retro collection for Calvin Klein is phenomenal. The limited colour palette and thorough use of cashmere-felt has made a collection which is at first glance very simple, but soon reveals itself to be quite complex, despite lacking excessive seams, superfluous fastenings or decoration of any kind. It's technical stuff, indeed.

The crisp silhouette and classy lines are typical Calvin Klein, but the feeling of minimal luxe is Costa's. The subtle use of sequins or sparkles, the elegant pleats and neat belts and ties give alternatively a glam and utilitarian feel to the colletion. Cut is king and the precision of it here is second to none. The garments appear to be light, functional and comfortable without losing any of their aesthetic appeal.

My favourite collection this season.

Pics from Style.com


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