2 February 2008

Nicole Miller F/W 2008


OK, so fashion desperado as I am, I excitedly have begun my fashion-week habit of checking Style.com EVERY day of the fashion weeks and looking at EVERY picture and analysing EVERY collection. I know, kinda lame. But, anyway. To be honest with you, my expectations are never particularly high for NYFW. However, look what I find on Day 1 of NYFW F/W 2008: an absolutely stellar collection from none other than Nicole Miller! I HAD to post!

I just think this collection has so much depth. It is cool and independent in a way I've not seen in New York before. The references are perhaps a little too obvious, but that almost makes me love it more! I rarely see a NYFW collection that is so well put-together, so ecclectically (and cleverly) styled and so brilliantly blanced between art, commerce and cool. I think this bodes incredibly well for the week ahead and has gotten me very excited for the rest of New York's offerings!

I really believe that Marc Jacobs S/S 2008 has done something great for NYFW. Onward, upward and forward, I say!

Pics all Style.com


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