4 February 2008

Jonathan Saunders F/W 2008

Well, well, well, what do we have here? Oh yes, Jonathan Saunders moves to New York City and presents one of his best collections yet. Typical.

Despite the fact that I'm a tad annoyed someone of Jonathan's calibre has quit London, I have to admit, I effing love this collection. It's his most mature to date and, looking at the direction his brand is going, is probably better suited to New York Fashion Week than any other. Evidently (given the casting and Anna's invitation for him to show there), NYC feels the same way. And I'd be willing to bet this collection is the hot thing on all the buyers, editors, stylists and PR peoples' lips.

For one, it's highly sellable without being overly conservative. Saunders has used a classic silhouette and manipulated it with unusual adornments, varied fabrics and (cleverly) a pragmatic colour-palette which is experimental without being restrictive.

Going by all this, it seems Saunders is one smart Glaswegian!

So, despite LFW's loss, RRN loves it!

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