24 February 2008

Prada A/I 2008

P to the R to the A to the D to the A! Miuccia Prada is the queen of contrary. I love that - apparently - she based this collection on lace because she hate's the stuff! How fab is that? How RADical is that? And that is precisely why fashion loves her. Needs her.

Take this here Autumno/Inverno 2008/2009 offering. She has presented what could only be called an austere collection made from the one fabric which is most frequently associated with sexuality and seduction: lace. It's genius. Interestingly, she has used very masculine shapes in the shirts and collars, raised neck-lines and lowered waist-lines. However, all in all, this comes across as an incredibly female-orientated collection.

The skin-tone skirts and skivvies hide a multitude of sins for the modern (or is it post-modern?) woman. It is about what we cannot see, what is hidden, what is sheathed, in this case, in lace. The delicate cardigans, skirts and dresses, made in what appears to be a fragile crocheted lace, layered over the said fleshy under-layer, creates a sense of strong individualism, of independence from the modern man. A strong woman, comfortable with herself and sexuality, would wear these clothes. Indeed, the coats with swathes of tough waves of excess fabric almost give the impression of a reptilian woman, powerful and confident ... yet, underlining it all is this prim and proper, high-collared, long-sleeved, - dare I say it - demure woman ... but sexy. With claws. And teeth! (Check out the shoes!).

Hence, it could be said to be all one big contradiction and, thus, a shambles, but I find it to be the opposite. In fact, one of the most concise collections I've seen from Prada.

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