29 February 2008

Yves Saint Laurent A/H 2008

Alors, qu'avons-nous ici? I'm going to make a prediction. Even though the shows aren't over yet, I think it's pretty much official: the 'trend' of the season is the idea of futurism. Yes, yes, I know: again! But this time it's for real.

I lay it down to the fact that the world is gonna end soon and everyone is either hoping for some fourth age of man and going all indulgent, or paring it down in preparation for some post-apocalyptic metamorphosis. These two schools of thought are being projected onto the runways everywhere. I'm not joking, guys! Case in point: YSL AH08, who have gone for the latter notion of future (and wisely). Not even mentioning hair and makeup, - which is absolutely fantastic - this collection has an overall feel of forwardness, of an era we are yet to experience. Even the set has a new-world futuristic (optimistic?) feel to it and the accessories combine a practical utilitarianism with the inevitable impracticalities of wearing them (see: stilettos).

The clothes themselves focus on a new silhouette. It is one that allows movement (for running from tsunamis, perhaps?), suggesting a reinterpretation in styling, but remains extremely fashion-y in regards to cut, fit and fabric. This paradox is further seen in what you would call the collection's 'evening wear'. If something is in a more ornate fabric, like satin, it is teamed with something more practical, like wool or corduroy, to solemnify it. This creates an interesting interplay between the opposing fabrics (and the ideas associated with them), creating further depth to something which could otherwise be deemed run-of-the-mill.

Lastly, the use of excess folded fabric layered onto coats and dresses suggests indulgence but the colours used (brown, burgundy, beige) convey the opposite: a grounding and sense of seriousness, or impending doom, or reality?

Either way, if this is the future, count me in!

Pics: Style.com


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