2 September 2008


MASSIVE. This clean and simple package exhibits exactly what sort of powerhouse IMG is: one that covers all bases to a tee. (Wow, two sports-puns in one sentence, how fun!)

It is inevitable that IMG will take a big slice of the pie this season - they have a hoard of incredibly well-established girls (Freja, Sasha), a solid gang of new-gen stars (Kamila) and a startingly strong collection of new faces (Sharan).

It is the inevitability which makes them so fashion.

Raddest Right Now's raddest, right now:

Freja Kamila Sasha Sharan
(Pics: Models.com)


Blogger ryder said...

kamila F. is one more face that im really excited bout 'cause she is totaly different. and she looks like sister of one of my favourites: agnete h.

09 September, 2008 00:02  

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