2 September 2008

Next SS09

Next, next, next, next!

I find it phenomenal that a few seasons ago Next were struggling to keep even a couple of girls in the upper echelons of the runways. Now, it's a totally different story. Next has one of the strongest boards in the biz with a dizzying array of it-girls.

Here's a roll-call for you: Abbey, Agnete, Anja, Anna, Catherine, Karlie, Karmen. And don't forget the buzz-girls Myf and Sarah.

Hold on to your socks, kids, it's gonna be a roller-coaster season where models are concerned and Next have got front seat.

Catherine Karlie Virginia
(Pics: Models.com)


Blogger ryder said...

what is virgina lat name? karlie kloss. love her in topshop ads. but mcneal is too perfect for me... so she doesn't make me go wild about her.

08 September, 2008 23:57  

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