8 September 2008

Preen SS09

verb [intrans.]

(of a person) devote effort to making oneself look attractive and then admire one's appearance

Oh, the cleanliness of Preen! One can't help but admire their attractiveness! And their ability to make others look attractive ... I am simply in love with these laced-up trousers and billowing blouses. And on the other side of things those skin-tight dresses are sex on a hanger (or, in this case, on an Iris).

The clever cut-out dresses (especially that in bold red) are statement pieces without trying too hard; like all Preen's wares they combine a calm cool with a sexy, sophisticated edge. It is the little details that make Preen so amazing - like Magdalena's lace trousers. Classic, chic but a bit quirky. And whoever styled this is SPOT ON.

Very impressed. Very impressed, indeed.

verb [trans.]

make (someone) feel admiration and respect

Aline Olga Karlie Karmen Iris Anna Magdalena Kinga Irina
(Pics: Style.com)


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