7 September 2008

Alexander Wang SS09

Could this kid be any cooler?

Alastair McKimm has worked his magic on a collection of extremely strong pieces to create a concise message and direction, cementing Alexander Wang as one of the coolest kids on the block.

Skinny trousers, oversized shirts, cropped jackets, touches of leather and some neat collar-lines all contribute to making this the sort of collection that every young hipster wants to own. Wang's use of colour is simple and well-executed, hints of pink and apricot create interest and juxtapose the predominant black and blue, and he toys with length, suggesting the essence is in the layering and combination of pieces.

There is a feeling of slight defensiveness with the collection, like this Wang girl wants to be cool but doesn't want people to think she thinks she is. If that makes sense. I like this idea, for if there was no character here this collection could be deemed generic. But there really is this strong sense of a certain type of person, which is fundamental for creating an image. Smething Wang seems to be doing brilliantly.

Despite Wang's inherent grungy nonchalance, however, many of these pieces could be used in numerous ways, smarted up or down. That is the genius of his work - diversity with defined direction.

LindsayEditaAnabela Anja Raquel Magdalena Freja
(Pics: Style.com)


Blogger ryder said...

anabela belikova. i compltely love her face. even though she is not supreme. im a great fan of supreme mgmt. but she is.-..

08 September, 2008 23:46  

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