6 September 2008

Obedient Sons & Daughters SS09

Simple, chic shapes and beautiful, natural colours make up the Obedient Sons and Daughters SS09 collection. Keeping it tight with 19 looks, Swaim and Christina Hutson get their message across without messing around.

The cut is the imperative here, particularly in the trousers, which are the strongest pieces. The light pull-overs and tees contrast to the structure of the pants, giving the collection an easy, composed feel without making it overtly casual or frumpy. The statement suit (Kim) is showy but retains its subtleness and a sense of chic through muted tones and a memorable print.

Overall the collection is flattering, wearable and extremely chic. Comfort seems to play a big part, too. A killer combination which suggests a killer collection is hiding behind these mutes tones. And that's what makes it killer: it's not obvious, but it's definitely there.

Anabela Cato Kim Eniko Siri Karmen
(Pics: Style.it)


Blogger ryder said...

eniko miahlik-is a fresh air in the industry dont u think? love her look because she is completely recognazible... there is no one like her.
and... siri; she has that fresh face mix of alien and gorgeus women.

08 September, 2008 23:48  

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