15 September 2008

SHOWstudio's Future Tense: Links, links, links!

Way back in early July I assisted photographer Jonathan Hallam on a film shoot for SHOWstudio's current project, Future Tense.

The whole shoot was inspired by the Lumiere Brother's 1896 film of Loie Fuller's Serpentine Dance. It displays the work of young Spanish fashion designer, Emilio de la Morena, and features The Bardo Light Show, AKA Epic Projection. The Bardo Light Show is the baby of David Dyerson, whose passion is 60's- and 70's-referenced psychedelia. This certainly comes through wonderfully in Hallam's film, and it definitely sparked a new interest in me. In fact, the whole crew were utterly entranced by the movement and colour on set. We had makeup and hair boys doing jumps and twirls in the off-times, and we were all wearing silly grins all day, derived simply from the breathtaking, hypnotising beauty of the projections, which, combined with Helene's dancing, were nothing short of mesmerising.

Our dancer was the lovely Helene Cooper from the Laban School in London and the stylist was Raquel Garcia. Hiroshi Matsushita did the hair and Philippe Miletto did makeup. The film was edited by La-Tercera.co.uk, with music by Paulo Bega (it's amazing, no?).

If you want to watch the film, click: http://showstudio.com/project/futuretense#29078

The other crazy, small world, thing is that SHOWstudio (in conjunction with Diesel) are doing an installation for three days from Thursday 18th at Diesel HQ in London. This will be an exhibit of all the Future Tense films, and the whole space and window-display will be designed by super-talented young Art Director/Set Designer, Alun Davies (www.alun-davies.com).

It is kind of the official launch of Future Tense, in which SHOWstudio has provided "a global platform for an exciting new generation of fashion design to use the medium of moving image to express their creativity," says the SHOWstudio website. "The programme ... showcases ... the next batch of influential young fashion writers, exploring the themes raised by the designers' films and bearing witness to the incontrovertible shift towards moving fashion."

I think it will be a rather amazing night if the films are anything to go by (check out Rodarte's!). The evening's installation will incorporate performance art, film, fashion, music and a party. Honestly, what more could one want?


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