13 September 2008

Jeremy Laing SS09

I'm really into this Jeremy Laing collection. He has structured it beautifully and really cemented his style, sending a strong message: "this is Jeremy Laing". It's understated class, which never loses its cool.

The sliced fabrics add this punky feel to an otherwise soft, whimsical collection. Mushroomed pastel jackets play off tight checked trousers. Billowing skirts juxtapose short shift-dresses. It's certainly a collection of contradictions, yet, somehow, it really works. Perhaps it is the clever (and subtle) combination of punk and pretty. Plus the hints of yellow and red give a boost to an otherwise monotone collection, suggesting the word-of-the-week, "optimism".

The wearability of Laing's SS09 offering is key, but he hasn't lost any of the direction or cleverness in terms of cut and concept. This is a real achievement in the highly commercial-driven world of fashion (particularly in NYC) and Laing has pulled it off, keep an eye on this young German-raised Canadian.

P.S. If anyone could help me I.D. the question marked girls that would be A-MAZ-ING!

Anya Amanda ? Julia Hyoni ? Kate Gantz Skye Eugenia
(Pics: Style.com)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

1st question mark is Eugenia at one and the 2nd is Laura Halm at Elite. =]

26 September, 2008 03:25  
Blogger Eleanor said...

Thank you!

26 September, 2008 11:48  

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