17 September 2008

Christopher Kane SS09

Christopher Kane is just so GOOD. The word prodigy comes to mind. It's amazing how season after season he manages to capture the zeitgeist. It's a real skill, no? We all need skills.

This collection is one which references the early days - back when humans were single-cell organisms and dinosaurs roamed the Earth and, later, when we evolved into apes. Pretty cool stuff. Lucky I bought The Concise Dinosaur Encyclopedia at a charity shop for 50p a few months back, it's really come in handy with this collection. "On-trend", aren't I? Yes, Grazia would agree.

The Stegosaurus-like spines which trace the silhouettes give the soft fabrics a tough edge while the fun, Flintstone-esque colours and prints provide a mood of cartoony comedy and - yes, buzz-word alert! - optimism. It is a collection to make you smile, hopefully laugh, and I mean that in the best possible way. Even the finale music - The Jungle Book's I Wanna Be Like You - is cheery, perhaps to get those steely fashionistas to break a grin, or a smirk, or whatever their face allows.

The marabou feathers bring a whimsical bird-like mood to the collection and a beautiful feeling of lightness, which also links to the nature/jungle themes apparent. But, true to Kane's style, this lightness is juxtaposed by the gnarling metallic gorilla faces roaring out of statement black dresses.

You can't ask for more than a collection which references our ancestors, the best cartoons, manages to incorporate leather in a new way and does it all with a smile. One of the cleverest collections of the season. Start growing your facial hair, ladies - gorilla is in for the summer!

Iris Imogen Charlotte ? Amanda Anastasija Isa ? Anna Lara
(Pics: Style.com)


Blogger KATLIN said...

Oh so they did get inspiration from dinosaurs? I looked at their shoes and thought that's what they looked like, I even posted about it. I like the soft spikes much more than the circle stuff in his collection.

20 September, 2008 02:08  
Blogger POST VILLAGE said...

i love the orange dress and yellow skirt this collection is amazing!

21 September, 2008 14:04  

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