25 September 2008

Prada PE09


Oooooh, doesn't Fashion love a bit of it!?
Some loved, some hated. Some were nonplussed, still stuck in the headlights of the PE08 and AI08 offerings, some saw it as an entirely commerce-conscious move. Some pitied the stumbling models, some couldn't get past the chignons and moist skin they ported. Some said it was "a madhat mid-decade regression" others suggested "this is a collection destined to look even better on a woman with a real body". Miuccia Prada says, "It's primitive, going back to what counts." I say, bring on primitive! (I told you apes were in this season!)

Maybe it's just because Miuccia Prada seems to have this uncanny ability of convincing people they adore something which they would hate had anyone else designed it, or maybe it's just because she's impossibly brilliant; either way, Prada PE09 is genius.

From the lack of modern fastenings to the crumpled contours of the fabrics, from the slouched sleeves to the drawstring waists, from the fish-prints to the asymmetrical knits; this collection suggests a going back to basics, a time when simplicity was valued. A time when the gold you can hold in your hand was worth far more than the gold flung around cyber-space. Consequently, there is an endearing nonchalance to this collection, something that's been missing from fashion for too long.

There is also, as Sarah Mower brilliantly touched on for her Style.com review (link above), a certain maturity to this collection, it really will look amazing on "a woman with a real body". Candidly put: the Prada clientele. That said, the genius here is that it will also be stunning on the backs of the world's Editors, fashionistas and socialites, breathtaking on the pages of our favourite glossy magazines. And so, comme toujours, Prada will come full-circle and go from controversial to widely-loved - just give it a few weeks, they'll all be fawning.

Did I mention the word "genius"?

Cato Lara Anouck Sigrid Kasia Anya Elise Daiane Myf Katie Marina
(Pics courtesy of Style.com)


Blogger KATLIN said...

I think Miuccia is someone that is so ahead of our times, and as you said genius, that it's true we pretty much end up loving it a few months later!! I've never been a fan of lace and while I thought her lace collection was really interesting I didn't want to wear it. But now I'd wear lace. I really want to hang out with this woman and get inside of her head!!

26 September, 2008 04:24  
Blogger ellastica said...

ok miuccia thinks out of the box and defies expectations but why she attracts so much controversy is a bit puzzling. her designs are walking contradictions but at the same time are adaptable, wearable and light-years ahead of the fashion-pack! what more can you ask for?!?!?
what i admire the most about miuccia is her desire to work out of her own comfort zone; she challenges herself to take concepts and ideas even she considers ugly or undesirable and creates something completely unexpected, aesthetically challenging and ultimately coveted.
this crumpled chic concept is a dream! no need for steam! a must for all jet-setting fashionistas and effortless throw-on chicks alike.

28 September, 2008 08:38  

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