20 February 2008

Hilary Alexander!

Now, 'cause I did it for Suzy, I gotta do it for the other hero of the newspapers - Hilary Alexander! I saw her at Richard Nicoll and she was wow. She was all in black (a woman after my own heart), with this amazing delicately-sculpted black head-piece on. She has an amazing figure and, of course, wore her signature bob and spectacles perched on the tip of her nose! I was in awe. The woman must be hurting somewhere though, because she was walking with a stick. But only Hilary could pull off that walking-stick look and still look like the fashion icon (read: powerhouse) that she is. It's enamoring.

I esteem Hilary and respect her (seemingly) never-ceasing passion and inspiration for fashion. Her articles and interviews are always right on the button and she always maintains her peculiarly British style and sensibility (or lack thereof!). I am always amazed by the depth of detail she goes into when it comes to describing a fabric, a cut, a mood or, indeed, a whole collection. She is great with the little things and always seems to pick up on something most people wouldn't have noticed.

Brava for Hilary, and long live these well-written, inspiring female Fashion Directors!

Here's the link to her Telegraph page: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/fashion/index.jhtml

Pic: style.com

(NB: Check out The Guardian's Deputy Fashion Editor Hadley Freeman if you want to see the next-gen of on-the-money fashion writing).


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