7 October 2008

Animal - a living organism that feeds on organic matter ...

The animal kingdom; are we worthy of it?

In this kingdom, we are undoubtedly the kings. And, like many kings before us, we abuse our power and supposed intelligence horribly. In our pursuit of exotic experience, fine taste, and more space, we have caged and killed the rare, wonderful and essential beings which are so important to our Earth and, indeed, our very existence.

I'm not sure that fashion can do anything about it, and the blame can't be piled on the shoulders of one sector alone, but maybe this beautiful, animal-inspired collection of Alexander McQueen's will get us all thinking a little bit about our fellow tenants in the houseshare I like to call planet Earth.

A Magdalena

An Uliana

A Karlie

A Kate

A Kasia

A Kelli

An Alexander
(Pics: Vogue.fr / Vids: YouTube.com)


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