4 February 2007


Women, Women, Women! Will there ever be another?

This agency has a FANTASTIC board, and, importantly, an incredibly diverse one. Below are some of my fave Women girls. Namely, Laragh, Bruna, Kasia and Ekaterina. Who, I think, are destined for great things.

But there are also those intriguing, incredibly-new girls: Luize and Yuliana, whose angelic cards should light up the radar of some pretty important clients.

And, as always, there are those established girls, in this case Shannan, Julia and Iselin who are so blue-chip they're, well, VERY blue-chip!

Let me know what you think!

Suzanne Diaz
Yuliana Bondar
Svieta Nemkova
Olya Ivanisevic
Katarina Ivanovska
Luize Salmgrieze
Shannan Click
Laragh McCann
Julia Stegner
Bruna Tenorio
Iselin Steiro
Kasia Struss
Ekaterina Kashyntseva

(pics: models.com)


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