4 February 2007


IMG is always fantastic and this season is no exception. Their package is oh-so smooth and oh-so slick. They have used RECYCLED PAPER for the cards which is even cooler. Environmentally-aware fashion? What could be greater?

I also love the way they've written the girls' measurements out fully in words - how funky! This appeals to me 'cause I'm a word-nerd! Right on, IMG!

Anyway, here are some of my faves!

Sasha Pivovarova
Trish Goff
Marina Skopkareva
Julia Ryndich
Maria Dvirnik
Querelle Jansen
Lara Stone
Holly Hayden
Emma Karlsson
Freja Beha
Irina K.
Eva Helene
Diana Moldovan
Du Juan

Keep an eye out for Won, Marina Skopkareva (who I first spotted in Australian mag, Russh), Holly Hayden, Emma Karlsson (who's always intrigued me), Eva Helene (who I've loved since her Prada a/h 06 debut), Irina K. and Diana Moldovan for possible break-out stars this season.

And, of course, be ready for well-established sensations like Sasha Pivovarova , Freja Beha (who are both HUGE!!), Anouck, Dujuan and Lara Stone, to scoop up in the catwalk-lottery.

It's all fun and games!

(pics: models.com)


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